Colored Ruffles

As long as I have been making ruffled veils, people have asked me about color. Interestingly enough, both extant frilled veil finds include color. Bravermanová (2011) describes veils decorated with both golden and colored embroidered threads. Despite these realities, I have not seen anyone try to recreate colored ruffles.

And then my protégé sister, Jenae, was put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of An Tir. With a 14th century persona, Jenae’s vibrant personality was the perfect fit for an experiment with color. She made the decision to wear garments in purple and green and I selected a purple linen thread that would correspond for her veil. While I have no documentation to support the use of the color purple, it was important for me to consider the desires of the veil wearer, as well as my own interest in experimental archaeology. 🙂

The final veil had a sharp look with its colored front edge. I was surprised by the distinctly crisp angles of the ruffle that were accented by the use of color and pleased by the effect it created on the always lovely Jenae.


Bravermanová, M. (2011). Fragment funeral dress and veil, called kruseler, coffin of Czech queens of the royal tombs in St. Vitus. In Z. Měřínský & P. Kouřil (Eds.), Archæologia historica. Brno: Masaryk University.

Dahl, C. L., Vedeler, M., Carretero, C. H. (2008). Report on the textiles from Burgos Cathedral in Patrimonio Naccional, Palacio Real Madrin, Spain. Denmark:  Middelaldercentret.

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