Gerald is a Grey Goose

This last weekend brought a lovely cool winter day for Glymm Mere’s Yule Feast. Gerald and I were excited to enjoy a beautiful day with so many of our friends. Although when we left Huntington House that morning, we could not have imagined what a special day lay before us.

Gerald was called into Royal Court to receive his medallions for the top Thrown Weapons scores in An Tir for 2011. He had not expected to receive these and found himself caught off-guard, which was the perfect time to surprise him. Needless to say, he was astonished when The Crown asked him to kneel as the Royal Herald called the members of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft.

This order has traditionally invited new members for their excellence in archery, but Gerald’s skills are found in the area of Thrown Weapons. That they have chosen to include him in their numbers, is a great honor.

Listening to our dearest friends speak on his behalf brought tears to Gerald’s eyes. (I had the perfect view of this.) The stunning 14th century style scroll that was presented to him, featuring images of our family, brought tears to mine.

What a wonderful honor for Gerald and an amazing surprise pulled off by some really phenomenal people. We are humbled by it all.

~ Cristiana

…Special Note – this brilliant scroll was designed and made by someone we don’t even know, Rowan Beckett Grigsby. What a gift!

Honey War

Water War

Honey War was Family de Huntington’s first camping event of the year and what a thrilling adventure it was. This was also our first event camping with our new medieval tent. We camped with the Company of Saint Ulrich and were thus fortunate to have had many friends to help us determine the best method of raising this tent.

Elysia de Fairford camped with us, using our modern, though very plain, kitchen tent as her home away from home. This was exciting as it was her first SCA camping event and her first event camping as an adult.

Our goal for the summer tournament/war season is to have one new item in our encampment each time we camp. At Honey War our new item was the tent – and the tent inner red walls, which were hemmed, but pinned at the top to check them for length.

Molly Watches the War

Molly Watches the War

Mirella Sleeps Through Court

Mirella Sleeps Through Court










The girls had great fun at the Water War and playing with their new boffers. Gerald had great fun throwing his spear and fighting in the war.

~ Cristiana

My two favorite memories of this event were when the bees, real honey bees, swarmed onto the war field and all of us fighter types let them have it and when Baron Aleksii suggested that people bring him bottles of Mead and he, with the help of a few chosen friends, would choose a winner of a mead making contest.  Now that was smooth, Baron!

~ Gerald

Gerald de Huntington

The Grand Thing

Last week Family de Huntington attended The Grand Thing. We didn’t camp, but we did set up a tent so that we would have a ‘home base’ for the weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we all got a bit of sun.

Elyscia de Fairford joined us for the weekend and Her Ladyship Serena daytripped with us on Sunday.

Gerald won the thrown weapons competition for the weekend and Mirella discovered the joys of boffer weapons. Molly developed a serious Gatorade smile by the end of the day on Sunday.

~ Cristiana

Spring Garb-B-Q

garb-b-qMirella and I enjoyed the official spring opening of the Stromgard and River’s Bend outdoor thrown weapons and archery practice yesterday.  Mirella had a great time playing with several other children on the tire swings, in the tree house, “down by the creek”, and, of course, in the mud (she brought plenty home on her shoes and clothes).

I spent most of my time on the throwing range and recorded my first score of the year. It wasn’t too bad, but I still have plenty of room for improvement.  I also had a chance to try my hand at archery.  I’m glad there weren’t many people to witness my attempt at hitting the target.  Oh well, next time I’ll do better, I couldn’t do much worse.

To finish off the day I had a chance to get in armor and play with the heavies.  I only got a few new bruises, not a bad day.

~ Gerald

Thrown Weapons

TargetOne of my interests in the SCA is throwing axes, knives and spears.  I’ve always loved to throw different pointy things.  I started with screwdrivers and kitchen knives when I was a kid and progressed to javelins in high school and axes on the timber sports circuit when I was in college. 

Last fall I began throwing at SCA events and had a great time.  My first chance to throw this year was March 1st.  A round consists of 20 axe, 20 knife and 20 spear throws.  I scored a 136 out of 180, not a bad start for the year.

~ Gerald

Games Day

Games DayThis last Saturday, we attended a fun Games Day at Glymm Mere.  It was a cold and rainy afternoon in the greater Olympia area, but that did not stop Gerald from heading up the Thrown Weapons range as Glymm Mere’s new Thrown Weapons Officer.

There was a well supplied potluck dinner.  Our family brought Pears in Red Wine Sauce (a favorite of Gerald’s) and two Cheese Tortes.  After dinner both Gerald and I learned to play Nine Man Morris, which was a fairly easy game of strategy.Games Day

Mirella has grown so much this winter, that I had to make her a new underdress/chemise for this event.  Made of violet linen, it fit her personality perfectly.

~ Cristiana

Spring Demonstration 2007

SCA Demo 1On a beautiful spring day in 2007, our family ventured south to Oregon for a demonstration.  This was the first outdoor event for Mirella and Molly and we were lucky enough to escape the rain.

Gerald found his way to the thrown weapons area where he preceeded to spend the majority of the afternoon throwing spears.  It didn’t take long before he decided that it would be fun to help other people learn to throw, and soon he had several new friends.

We were also lucky enough to bump into both Lyra and Magda.  It is always nice to see a friendly face in the crowd. 🙂

~ Cristiana

SCA Demo 2

William Tell 2007

Gerald's AwardThis year’s William Tell tournament was our first SCA camping event as a family.  What a fun time we all had.  The weather was nice – not too hot and not too cold.  We tried out the new pavylion that Gerald and I have been making and took note of what worked well and what needed improvement.

Gerald served as the Thrown Weapons Marshal.  He also won the first place in the Novice Division of the thrown weapons competition.  The award certificate he received is posted at the left.  A very impressive showing!

The evening bardic circles were wonderfully entertaining and Saturday’s ‘dinner after dusk’ was enriched by the beauty of candlelight.

My limited experience in the SCA has always found an event to be enriched by the presence of Ithra classes, and William Tell was no exception.  The Medieval Encampments course I took was filled with valuable information…and now I can’t stop thinking about finials.  But then, who can? 😉