Irish Feast

This spring has been full of monumental change for our family. The Family de Huntington has officially moved to the Shire of River’s Bend. We are extremely pleased to find ourselves located within such a gracious and welcoming shire.

Packing, moving, buying a home, finding new jobs, and the completion of schooling have taken the lion’s share of our time in these recent months. As a result, we have fallen quite behind in our medieval journaling. Fortunately, each day that passes finds us increasingly settled.

Gerald and I both participated in Ithra sessions at Irish Feast this last April and Mirella had a wonderful time playing with friends.



Unfortunately, Molly had an accident on the stairs that resulted in the dislocation of her elbow. Gerald and I whisked her off to the emergency room – all of us in our 14th century garb. We were quite lucky as it only took a few hours for the doctors to make her as good as new. Our entire family was greatly relieved.



~ Cristiana

Spring Ithra

IthraThis last weekend Gerald and I attended the Spring Ithra in the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep.  I was able to take two excellent courses, beginning with the extensive journey through Castles & Fortifications.  It was enlightening.

The second course I participated in was Effects of Climate on Medieval Life taught by Dame Arwen Lioncourt.  This was, without question, the most interesting Ithra class that I have taken.  Dame Arwen presented a wide variety of evidence, both proxy (historical) and scientific, that demonstrated the significant influence that weather had on medieval life.  

Science and the middle ages.  I loved it! 

Gerald taught his first Chainmail Ithra class in the afternoon.  He’s now an official instructor. 🙂

~ Cristiana