Carnival Feast

carnival-feastFebruary brought the Carnival Feast and Masked Ball in the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep. Gerald and I attended with Mirella. While this event was small, it was full of activity. Gerald seized the opportunity to set up a target for thrown weapons and both he and Mirella participated in a game of bocce.

In the afternoon there was time for needlework and chess games. Mirella was even fortunate to find a new friend. Between the first and second course of the feast, there were dance classes and we all displayed our maskes after the third course.

This event gave me a chance to try out my newest project – a coordinating hat for this dress. I was happy with the way that it turned out. The pearls seem to add a nice finish to both the dress and the hat.carnival-feast-mirella

The Shire of Fire Mountain Keep should be commended for the amazing food they served at this feast. It was spectacular.

firemountainkeepbranchof~ Cristiana