Gerald is a Grey Goose

This last weekend brought a lovely cool winter day for Glymm Mere’s Yule Feast. Gerald and I were excited to enjoy a beautiful day with so many of our friends. Although when we left Huntington House that morning, we could not have imagined what a special day lay before us.

Gerald was called into Royal Court to receive his medallions for the top Thrown Weapons scores in An Tir for 2011. He had not expected to receive these and found himself caught off-guard, which was the perfect time to surprise him. Needless to say, he was astonished when The Crown asked him to kneel as the Royal Herald called the members of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft.

This order has traditionally invited new members for their excellence in archery, but Gerald’s skills are found in the area of Thrown Weapons. That they have chosen to include him in their numbers, is a great honor.

Listening to our dearest friends speak on his behalf brought tears to Gerald’s eyes. (I had the perfect view of this.) The stunning 14th century style scroll that was presented to him, featuring images of our family, brought tears to mine.

What a wonderful honor for Gerald and an amazing surprise pulled off by some really phenomenal people. We are humbled by it all.

~ Cristiana

…Special Note – this brilliant scroll was designed and made by someone we don’t even know, Rowan Beckett Grigsby. What a gift!

Protégé Ceremony at Kingdom Arts & Sciences

This year’s Kingdom Arts & Science – Bardic Championship was an amazing experience. The morning started with a surprise when I was honored with a Jambe de Lion from the Crown of An Tir. After morning court, I had a great time judging the Children’s A&S Competition. An An Tir 5th grader made butter and cheese for the judges – and it was excellent.  She was a skilled presenter and the butter was very tasty.  🙂

Later, I was a student judge for a 14th Century Wool Dress entry.  This was a genuine learning experience.  I was impressed by the quality of the work and by the questions and observations made by the judges.  For me, personally, I was appreciative to have an opportunity to reflect on my own work and research in comparison to some of the phenomenal artists of An Tir.

The highlight of my day was becoming Baroness Brighid’s protégé.  We had a (thankfully) short, but meaningful ceremony. Again, I found myself honored to become a student to one of An Tir’s great peers.  What a significant year this has been for me.

Both of these images are © Talentus del Albero, who’s skill is brilliant.  I am in his debt.

~ Cristiana

Goutte de Sang

This summer, at Stormgods, I was honored to receive the award of the Goutte de Sang.

The award scroll (shown at left) was a lovely design.  And though I cannot read the Runes it is scribed in, I especially appreciate the work that went in to creating this document.

My thanks to the Crown and the people of An Tir.

~ Cristiana

Jambe de Lion

jambe-de-lionOn a late spring afternoon, Gerald was quite surprised to receive a grant of arms (Jambe de Lion) from King Cedric and Queen Elizabeth.  This unexpected event took place at Glymm Mere’s 2008 Mayfair festival.

What an exciting evening.


~ Cristiana

William Tell 2007

Gerald's AwardThis year’s William Tell tournament was our first SCA camping event as a family.  What a fun time we all had.  The weather was nice – not too hot and not too cold.  We tried out the new pavylion that Gerald and I have been making and took note of what worked well and what needed improvement.

Gerald served as the Thrown Weapons Marshal.  He also won the first place in the Novice Division of the thrown weapons competition.  The award certificate he received is posted at the left.  A very impressive showing!

The evening bardic circles were wonderfully entertaining and Saturday’s ‘dinner after dusk’ was enriched by the beauty of candlelight.

My limited experience in the SCA has always found an event to be enriched by the presence of Ithra classes, and William Tell was no exception.  The Medieval Encampments course I took was filled with valuable information…and now I can’t stop thinking about finials.  But then, who can? 😉