A Little ‘Red’ Wool Dress

I decided to acid dye the dress, as this could be done on the stove while I was preparing some food that would travel with us to the war.  This made for an interesting afternoon; stir the sauce, cover the sauce, stir the wool, repeat…  🙂

I am happy with the new red dress that Molly now has, and thankfully, she is happy with it, as well.  Hopefully, it won’t show quite as much dirt as its pink predecessor.  Huge thanks to Elisabeth de Besancon, who re-hemmed it (a bit shorter to avoid future issues) while I ironed (and ironed) our clothes for An Tir/West War.  I couldn’t ask for a better laurel.  Seriously, I couldn’t.  🙂

~ Cristiana

An Tir/West War

 Gerald, Godric, & Ragnar

This was an incredible event.  All the fighting you could want in weather that didn’t fry you in the process.  I have no idea who “won” the war and it doesn’t matter.  I enjoyed spending time with my family watching our girls play “boffer” with the kids camped next to us.  I also enjoyed spending time with  Godric and Kara, the Baron and Baronness of Glymm Mere, and Ragnar, Godric’s squire.  We spent many hours gathered around the fire at night talking and getting to know each other better.

I also owe Ragnar a thank you for teaching me how to light a fire using flint and steel.  I only cut one knuckle in the process and it has healed nicely since then.

~ Gerald