Oak Camp Bed ~ 12th Night

It started as an accident.  I was making a breakdown queen size camping bed for us to use and mis-measured the height of the holes to cut in the corner posts.  So I had 4 posts I couldn’t use.  I didn’t want to throw them away so I thought I would use them to make a twin size breakdown camping bed.  We didn’t need it so I contacted my knight, Sir Godric ap Rhys, and asked if he would sponsor the bed for the Knight’s Auction at 12th Night.

So, we packed it up and hauled it to Eugene on Friday, January 7 . . . most of it that is, it seems I forgot the plywood at home.  After a quick trip to Home Depot (where they cut a second sheet of plywood I had purchased to the correct size at no charge) all was well once again.

I was disappointed with the price it sold for at the auction.  I had spent over $300 to buy the oak lumber and plywood to make the bed and someone got it for the unbelievable price of $90!!!  I would like to have helped the Kingdom raise more money.  Next time I’ll probably just donate cash.  However, that is the way an auction works, and it is good to know that an An Tirian has a new camp bed that should last for at least a couple of hundred years.  🙂


Red Houppelande

This red velvet houppelande was my big project this last fall. I love this style of gown and started looking into the time span of the houppe. Fortunately, I found documentation of houppelandes dating back prior to our time period of 1371.

After collecting fabric and looking at multiple patterning ideas, I finally settled on each of the elements in this gown. Having never worked with velvet or fur, I was challenged from the start. From cutting to sewing, this was complicated.

I worked many hours per day all through winter break, and in the end finished just before 12th Night. It was such a relief to be done. 🙂

Twelfth Night

12th-night-2009This year’s Twelfth Night celebration marked our forth wedding anniversary. We very much enjoyed celebrating this in the Barony of Adiantum with many of our friends.adiantum1

The barony is to be commended on the spectacular work they did to create an environment of hospitality for the Kingdom of An Tir. It is surly not possible to imagine just how many hours were spent organizing and decorating in preparation for this event.  During the weekend we attended meetings, enjoyed dancing, eating, strolling from room to room, and much great conversation.

We were both uterly satisfied with the beauty of the weekend.

~ Cristiana

A New Sideless Surcoat

Green SurcoatFor the last two years, I have been working on putting together a formal outfit to wear at SCA events.

While I have been learning a great deal about sewing by making linen dresses for Mirella, Molly, and myself, I am definitely not ready to put together an outfit made with velvet and fur.  As a result, I did not actually sew these new garments myself.  They were put together by someone with far more talent than mine.

Instead, I was more of a dress coordinator.Smile

I began gathering supplies a couple of years ago when I purchased the silver buttons used to close the sleeves on the cothardie while on a trip to Victoria, BC.  Then I selected patterns for both the cotehardie underdress and the sideless surcoat.  Using linen, I made a sideless surcoat out of this pattern to verify that the style of the pattern was well suited for me.

The green velvet skirt has a bit of a train in the back, which made walking at 12th Night interesting.  Quite a few gentlemen (but no ladies) put an immediate halt to my attempts to walk by standing on my dress.  I suppose this is one of the hazards of medieval high fashion. 😉

The one portion of this outfit that I did make myself is the hat.  The sides are green velvet and the top is made from the same brocade as the surcoat.  It is lined with buckram to help keep the shape.  There is a silver trim and beading on the front.


A final touch for this outfit was to find appropriate footwear.  I located a wonderful SCA merchant who makes shoes and purchased this pair.  I was going to wear black linen hose with this outfit, but at the last moment decided to wear dark red instead.  Just for fun.

~ Cristiana

12th Night 2008

12th Night

This last weekend, Gerald and I were fortunate enough to have the occasion to attend 12th Night, hosted by the Barony of Lions Gate.Lions Gate  I looked forward to this event with great anticipation, as it was not only my first formal event in the SCA, but also my first opportunity to observe a coronation.

This gathering was quite distinctive, and I found that fact to be both enjoyable and sometimes a bit disappointing.  It was lovely to stay in a hotel where I felt comfortable wearing velvet without any worries about it getting wet or muddy.  🙂

The Royal Court on Saturday was long, but sincerely touching.

In the evening we went dancing.  I have to extend my most sincere gratitude to several gentlemen of An Tir, with whom I had no previous acquaintance.  They were gracious and kind as they helped me learn a variety of country dances.  What a wonderful way to spend an evening ~ dancing with my lord, Gerald.

Unfortunately, I did not have the good fortune to see any of my friends this last weekend.  I was a bit disappointed to find that this type of event was primarily a gathering of people who are already friends.  At times, I felt like an outsider.   Gerald and I found that we missed our friends from River’s Bend.

We did enjoy shopping with the many merchants in attendance.  A delightful woman was selling hand painted game boards and we found a charming one to bring home for Mirella.

All together, we had a splendid weekend.  Our deepest gratitude to the people of Lions Gate for all of their work in hosting this momentous occasion.

~ CristianaLions Gate

The Squire Belt at 12th Night

Squire BeltWell, I finished the belt.  I was surprised at how well it tuned out and how easy applying the suns and crescents turned out to be.  I received several compliments on this belt at 12thNight, the most important one coming from my beautiful lady, Cristiana.

To finish the belt I first had to attach the metal plaques I’m using as a buckle to the leather strap.  Each plaque has two prongs on one side designed to hook through the loop on the other side of a corresponding piece.  To use two of these as a buckle I had to attach the ‘loop’ side of one plaque to the leather which I did using two rivets.  The other plaque is attached by punching two holes in the other end of the leather, passing the prongs through these holes, and bending them down to hold it in place.

12th Night

I then made a pattern jig out of a scrap piece of belt leather to match where the holes had to be to attach the suns and crescents.  I measured the correct distances between where each piece needed to be attached, held the jig in the right spot, and used a leather punch to make the holes.  The pieces fit in perfectly and I bent the tabs over on the back side of the belt to hold them in place.  I used a ball-peen hammer to bend them over so they wouldn’t catch and snag my tunic.

 The red color of this belt is actually a bit darker than these pictures appear to be.

~ Gerald