Woven Edges

I have been exploring ruffled edges for a decade now using a variety of pleating, folding, fretting, and gathering techniques. And while I have further experimented with woven fillets, I sadly do not possess the skill to actually weave frilled edges.

Recently, my friend Drifa in Rauða who is a Viking Age reenactor, decided to take on some experimental weaving that has been of great interest to me. We both began in the SCA in 2005 and actually live quite close to each other. Our paths and interests, however, have diverged as we have explored different cultures and time periods.

I was very excited when Drifa contacted me to let me know she was going to experiment in creating woven edges inspired by the Report of Textiles from Burgos Cathedral. The work she has done over the last few months, in both silk and linen, has been inspiring. I’ve learned more about these textiles and it has been a joy to collaborate in discussions with her. This last weekend, I even had the opportunity to experiment with wearing her first linen ruffled veil (pictured above-left). #LifeGoals I would encourage all of my fellow ruffled veil enthusiasts to check out her blog posts. You won’t be sorry.

Silk Woven Frills

Linen Frilled Veil