The Fretwork Veil (Part 2)

 When thinking about how to design this fretted veil, the thing I struggled with the most was always shape. How many layers were the frets actually attached to? Was it one long veil folded back and forth? If so, wouldn’t the frets collapse as they were bent around at the folds? In the end, I designed one row of frets and folded the veil linen in half, with a center seam. It was the images below, which can be located at, that gave me a better idea of how the sides of a frilled veil might hang and look.

I entered this veil as a single entry in An Tir’s Kingdom A&S competition in March. Despite months of previous work, I was still up much of the night with final preparations. Thank goodness for a couple of my dearest friends who stayed up to help me and keep me going. 🙂

~ Cristiana


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