Goutte de Sang

This summer, at Stormgods, I was honored to receive the award of the Goutte de Sang.

The award scroll (shown at left) was a lovely design.  And though I cannot read the Runes it is scribed in, I especially appreciate the work that went in to creating this document.

My thanks to the Crown and the people of An Tir.

~ Cristiana

Our Year in Review

Family de Huntington made it to a lot of events this year.  🙂 Our year in review:

  1. Twelfth Night
  2. Ursulmas
  3. Stromgard Founding Revel
  4. Fire Mountain Keep’s Carnivale Fest & Masquerade Ball
  5. Kingdom A&S/Kingdom Bardic
  6. War in the Oasis
  7. Dragon’s Laire’s Spring Grand Ithra
  8. Glymm Mere Serjeantry Trials and A&S Championship
  9. Irish Feast
  10. Art of War
  11. Mayfaire
  12. May Crown
  13. Grand Thing
  14. June Faire
  15. Honey War
  16. River’s Bend Defender’s Tournament & War
  17. An Tir/West War
  18. July Coronation
  19. Stormgods
  20. Autumn War
  21. Dragon’s Mist Defender’s Tournament
  22. William Tell
  23. September Crown
  24. Much Ado About Nothing – Glymm Mere
  25. Fall Crown Council
  26. Autumn Gathering
  27. Yule Feast – Glymm Mere
  28. Yule Feast – Stromgard

What an amazing year we’ve had the chance to experience. Thank you to each of these branches for showing us their hospitality. An Tir!
~ Cristiana