June Faire

While Gerald was able to attend June Faire last year, this was the first year the rest of Family de Huntington was able to participate in this fun event.  What a great time we had camping with our friends in Dragon’s Laire.  Even though we had to both set-up and take-down our tents in the rain, the weather on Saturday was splendid.

Here we are in our new Norse wear.  🙂

~ Cristiana

Our year so far…

Family de Huntington has been busy during the first half of 2010, having attended:

  1. Twelfth Night
  2. Ursulmas
  3. Stromgard Founding Revel
  4. Fire Mountain Keep’s Carnivale Fest & Masquerade Ball
  5. Kingdom A&S/Kingdom Bardic
  6. War in the Oasis
  7. Dragon’s Laire’s Spring Grand Ithra
  8. Glymm Mere Serjeantry Trials and A&S Championship
  9. Irish Feast
  10. Art of War
  11. Mayfaire
  12. May Crown
  13. Grand Thing
  14. June Faire
  15. Honey War
  16. River’s Bend Defender’s Tournament & War
  17. An Tir/West War

No wonder it feels like things have been a little hectic lately.  🙂
~ Cristiana