Woven Trim

Awhile ago, I decided to make Gerald and myself a set of Norse garb to wear this summer for camping – especially for some of the Norse themed events. It has been fun learning to make a different style of clothing. I have been fortunate to have the guidance and assistance of Drifa, my friend and advisor in all things Norse. 🙂

Learning to inkle weave and tablet/card weave has been occupying some of my time this last six months. This new Norse project seemed like a great opportunity to produce some woven trim for our new garments.

I began with a medium width band on my mini-inkle loom. Gerald chose the colors – he was quite fond of the intense purple. I decided to use some of the same colors when making the wider band for a light wool apron dress I’m working on. This is being woven with cards on the large inkle loom that Gerald made for me last month. I haven’t decided which side of the trim I’m going to make use of yet, as I am fond of them both.

~ Cristiana



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