Red Houppelande

This red velvet houppelande was my big project this last fall. I love this style of gown and started looking into the time span of the houppe. Fortunately, I found documentation of houppelandes dating back prior to our time period of 1371.

After collecting fabric and looking at multiple patterning ideas, I finally settled on each of the elements in this gown. Having never worked with velvet or fur, I was challenged from the start. From cutting to sewing, this was complicated.

I worked many hours per day all through winter break, and in the end finished just before 12th Night. It was such a relief to be done. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Red Houppelande

  1. I love your garb, and have been so inspired that I wish to make it myself, different colors of course. Would you mind answer some questions? Or could I use as someone to ask for help over e-mail when I start making it?


    Lady Eloise Mousebane

    • Cristiana,
      I have been working on the garb for awhile, but am not done yet. I would like to show you my progress so far. The pics are on face book under Anna Martin. Would appreciate your opinion.

      Lady Eloise

  2. This is an astonishingly lovely gown! Would it be possible for me to share your image (fully accredited and with a link to your website) as an inspiration image for an LRP system that I’m working on the design for, please? Thanks so much! Jude

    • Greetings Jude,

      Thank you for your kind words. Please feel free to use the image with a link and citation.


  3. This is such a lovely gown! I am trying to sew my first houppelande (with a fur collar) and I am finding it almost impossible to get any info on sewing the fur. Can you walk me through what worked for you?

    Thank you!

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