Kara's Paternoster

Over the summer, I spent time collecting beads and working on creating several new Paternosters. More and more, I’m finding enjoyment and meaning in working with prayer beads.

At the An Tir/West War, I was truly fortunate to participate in a Paternoster class taught by Chris Laning, the author of Paternoster Row. It was really quite the thing to be able to see and hold many of her amazing Paternosters in person.

I made these two Paternosters for friends. The top one was made for Baroness Kara and the bottom one, a ‘Tenner’ was made for Baron Godric. These beads reflect the Godric Paternostercolors of their Arms, black and gold. (I chose bone beads which were closer in color to yellow than white.) I used glass beads (of black) and bone beads for the gauds. The cross on the end of each Paternoster is a pewter Maltese cross, which is the device image for the Company of St. Ulrich.

It took awhile to find all the elements I wanted to use for these Paternosters, but in the end I was quite happy with them.

~ Cristiana


Autumn War

Preperation for Battle
Preperation for Battle
This summer the Family de Huntington attended our first Autumn War. Becasue the war was held earlier in the year, we were able to attend and camp at the event.
Gerald and I were officially invited to join the Company of St. Ulrich, which was an honor. It was good to have a chance to get to know many of the members of the company that we had not previously had the opportunity to befriend.
While Gerald spent much of his time on the battle field, Mirella and Molly had a great time with their friends.
The Gang
Castle Time
Our last camping of the summer. What fun. 🙂
~ Cristiana