Honey War

Water War

Honey War was Family de Huntington’s first camping event of the year and what a thrilling adventure it was. This was also our first event camping with our new medieval tent. We camped with the Company of Saint Ulrich and were thus fortunate to have had many friends to help us determine the best method of raising this tent.

Elysia de Fairford camped with us, using our modern, though very plain, kitchen tent as her home away from home. This was exciting as it was her first SCA camping event and her first event camping as an adult.

Our goal for the summer tournament/war season is to have one new item in our encampment each time we camp. At Honey War our new item was the tent – and the tent inner red walls, which were hemmed, but pinned at the top to check them for length.

Molly Watches the War

Molly Watches the War

Mirella Sleeps Through Court

Mirella Sleeps Through Court










The girls had great fun at the Water War and playing with their new boffers. Gerald had great fun throwing his spear and fighting in the war.

~ Cristiana

My two favorite memories of this event were when the bees, real honey bees, swarmed onto the war field and all of us fighter types let them have it and when Baron Aleksii suggested that people bring him bottles of Mead and he, with the help of a few chosen friends, would choose a winner of a mead making contest.  Now that was smooth, Baron!

~ Gerald

Gerald de Huntington

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