Glymm Mere’s Yule Feast 2008


River's Bend at Glymm Mere Yule

This year there were nine citizens from the Shire of River’s Bend in attendance at Glymm Mere’s Yule Feast.  It was a wonderful winter evening and the food was quite good.  Gerald was kind enough to coax an amazing brandy sauce recipe from the chefs.  I hope to make use of it soon.  This was our second Yule Feast and we’ve found that we really enjoy the holiday celebration with our frieRiver's Bend Ladiesnds.

~ Cristiana 

Jambe de Lion

jambe-de-lionOn a late spring afternoon, Gerald was quite surprised to receive a grant of arms (Jambe de Lion) from King Cedric and Queen Elizabeth.  This unexpected event took place at Glymm Mere’s 2008 Mayfair festival.

What an exciting evening.


~ Cristiana