Spring Ithra

IthraThis last weekend Gerald and I attended the Spring Ithra in the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep.  I was able to take two excellent courses, beginning with the extensive journey through Castles & Fortifications.  It was enlightening.

The second course I participated in was Effects of Climate on Medieval Life taught by Dame Arwen Lioncourt.  This was, without question, the most interesting Ithra class that I have taken.  Dame Arwen presented a wide variety of evidence, both proxy (historical) and scientific, that demonstrated the significant influence that weather had on medieval life.  

Science and the middle ages.  I loved it! 

Gerald taught his first Chainmail Ithra class in the afternoon.  He’s now an official instructor. 🙂

~ Cristiana

Wooden Chest

Wood ChestAt last, I finally have a picture to post of the beautiful wooden chest that Gerald made me for Christmas.  What a lovely surprise this was.

This will be perfect for storing all types of items when we are camping at events this summer.  It even doubles as a practical bench seat.

 I love it. 🙂

~ Cristiana

Thrown Weapons

TargetOne of my interests in the SCA is throwing axes, knives and spears.  I’ve always loved to throw different pointy things.  I started with screwdrivers and kitchen knives when I was a kid and progressed to javelins in high school and axes on the timber sports circuit when I was in college. 

Last fall I began throwing at SCA events and had a great time.  My first chance to throw this year was March 1st.  A round consists of 20 axe, 20 knife and 20 spear throws.  I scored a 136 out of 180, not a bad start for the year.

~ Gerald