A New Sideless Surcoat

Green SurcoatFor the last two years, I have been working on putting together a formal outfit to wear at SCA events.

While I have been learning a great deal about sewing by making linen dresses for Mirella, Molly, and myself, I am definitely not ready to put together an outfit made with velvet and fur.  As a result, I did not actually sew these new garments myself.  They were put together by someone with far more talent than mine.

Instead, I was more of a dress coordinator.Smile

I began gathering supplies a couple of years ago when I purchased the silver buttons used to close the sleeves on the cothardie while on a trip to Victoria, BC.  Then I selected patterns for both the cotehardie underdress and the sideless surcoat.  Using linen, I made a sideless surcoat out of this pattern to verify that the style of the pattern was well suited for me.

The green velvet skirt has a bit of a train in the back, which made walking at 12th Night interesting.  Quite a few gentlemen (but no ladies) put an immediate halt to my attempts to walk by standing on my dress.  I suppose this is one of the hazards of medieval high fashion. 😉

The one portion of this outfit that I did make myself is the hat.  The sides are green velvet and the top is made from the same brocade as the surcoat.  It is lined with buckram to help keep the shape.  There is a silver trim and beading on the front.


A final touch for this outfit was to find appropriate footwear.  I located a wonderful SCA merchant who makes shoes and purchased this pair.  I was going to wear black linen hose with this outfit, but at the last moment decided to wear dark red instead.  Just for fun.

~ Cristiana

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