12th Night 2008

12th Night

This last weekend, Gerald and I were fortunate enough to have the occasion to attend 12th Night, hosted by the Barony of Lions Gate.Lions Gate  I looked forward to this event with great anticipation, as it was not only my first formal event in the SCA, but also my first opportunity to observe a coronation.

This gathering was quite distinctive, and I found that fact to be both enjoyable and sometimes a bit disappointing.  It was lovely to stay in a hotel where I felt comfortable wearing velvet without any worries about it getting wet or muddy.  🙂

The Royal Court on Saturday was long, but sincerely touching.

In the evening we went dancing.  I have to extend my most sincere gratitude to several gentlemen of An Tir, with whom I had no previous acquaintance.  They were gracious and kind as they helped me learn a variety of country dances.  What a wonderful way to spend an evening ~ dancing with my lord, Gerald.

Unfortunately, I did not have the good fortune to see any of my friends this last weekend.  I was a bit disappointed to find that this type of event was primarily a gathering of people who are already friends.  At times, I felt like an outsider.   Gerald and I found that we missed our friends from River’s Bend.

We did enjoy shopping with the many merchants in attendance.  A delightful woman was selling hand painted game boards and we found a charming one to bring home for Mirella.

All together, we had a splendid weekend.  Our deepest gratitude to the people of Lions Gate for all of their work in hosting this momentous occasion.

~ CristianaLions Gate

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