William Tell 2007

Gerald's AwardThis year’s William Tell tournament was our first SCA camping event as a family.  What a fun time we all had.  The weather was nice – not too hot and not too cold.  We tried out the new pavylion that Gerald and I have been making and took note of what worked well and what needed improvement.

Gerald served as the Thrown Weapons Marshal.  He also won the first place in the Novice Division of the thrown weapons competition.  The award certificate he received is posted at the left.  A very impressive showing!

The evening bardic circles were wonderfully entertaining and Saturday’s ‘dinner after dusk’ was enriched by the beauty of candlelight.

My limited experience in the SCA has always found an event to be enriched by the presence of Ithra classes, and William Tell was no exception.  The Medieval Encampments course I took was filled with valuable information…and now I can’t stop thinking about finials.  But then, who can? 😉


First Illumination

First IlluminationHere is a photo of my very first illumination painting.  The drawing on this scroll was completed by another artist – I merely added the painting.  Having no previous experience in painting, this was an interesting challenge.  Last spring I attended an Ithra class that focused on white work, which I attempted in a simple fashion on this document.  I also added the inner border and vining.

The Shire of River’s Bend scribal group has been kind to provide me with the opportunity to learn a new skill.


Family de Huntington

HWelcome to the journal of the de Huntington family, a place where we can document our explorations into a world inspired by the medieval.  With personas in the late 14th century England, our family of four is learning to enjoy the arts, skills, and customs of our ancestors.

This is the story of our journey.